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About Us

Support Coordination in Essex County, New Jersey

Anyone can make a difference with access to the right services.
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Our Mission

We endeavor to deliver quality care to individuals with developmental disabilities that is tailored to meet their needs, promote independence in society, and enrich their unique potentials.

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Our Vision

We envision a society where individuals with developmental disabilities are given opportunities to thrive in their field of interests, where their roles in the community are acknowledged.

Champion Learning LLC is a well-known provider of quality care and support programs for individuals with developmental disabilities. We also provide support coordination Essex County, New Jersey. We assist individuals in acquiring self-directed services, allowing for increased freedom of choice in those services. We partner with each individual and family to provide ongoing support and guidance to increase their knowledge of the services and resources that can help enhance their quality of life.

Our coordinators are knowledgeable in creating a person-centered individualized plan that meets the needs of the individuals and families that we serve. Whether services are assessed while living at home or in a group home setting, Champion Learning LLC will ensure that you understand all of your options. Support coordinators help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities access needed supports and services and are available to assist you beyond regular business hours, evenings, and weekends.

We can’t deny that not everyone’s experiences are as positive as the others despite the concept of mainstreaming and inclusion being well-accepted in society. That’s where we come in. Champion Learning LLC strives to provide quality care and services that are beneficial to the progress of individuals with developmental disabilities. We work hand in hand to create meaningful experiences they can use to develop their unique potentials. Explore our website to learn more about us.

Meet Our Staff

Providing extraordinary services for exceptional learners

Champion Learning LLC works to forge a strong and trusting bond with the individuals and families we serve. We accomplish this by assembling a team of compassionate and competent individuals to oversee the success of our programs. Each member of our team has gone through a rigorous hiring process that entails a series of screenings, interviews, and background checks. Moreover, we care about our employees’ personal and professional growth, hence our provision of training programs to maintain and enhance the quality of our services.

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